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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Time Session Title                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   YouTube
5:00 Introduction Intro to workshops, Icebreaker, Social/informal welcome video
6:00 Package demo Octavio Morante-Palacios, et al., shinyEPICo: a graphical pipeline to analyze Illumina DNA methylation arrays video
6:00 Package demo Federico Marini, et al., GeneTonic: enjoying the interpretation of your RNA-seq data analysis video
7:00 Long workshop Aedin Culhane, Dimension Reduction for Beginners video
7:00 Long workshop Christophe Vanderaa, et al., Reproducing a single-cell proteomics data analysis using QFeatures and scp video
7:00 Long workshop Chloe Anya Mirzayi, et al., Epidemiology for Bioinformaticians video
9:00 Official welcome Opening remarks video
9:30 Keynote Daniela Witten, Selective inference on trees video
10:30 Short talks Methodology and statistics track video
10:30 Short talks Epigenomics/Gene regulation track video
11:30 Break Networking
13:00 Keynote Lucia Peixoto, Reproducible Neuroscience from “omics” data analysis: a tale of sleep and learning video
14:00 Package demo Dario Righelli, et al., SpatialExperiment: infrastructure for spatially resolved transcriptomics data in R using Bioconductor video
14:00 Package demo Aaron Chevalier, et al., Enhanced Deconvolution and Prediction of Mutational Signatures video
14:00 Package demo Kai Hu, Integrated ATAC-seq Analysis with ATACseqQC / Integrated ChIP-seq Analysis with ChIPpeakAnno video
15:00 Short talks Transcriptomics track video
15:00 Short talks Single-cell genomics track video
16:00 Break Networking
17:00 Package demo Mahmoud Ahmed, et al., Chromatin segmentation analysis in R video
17:00 Package demo Vincent James Carey, Integrative genetic epidemiology with OpenGWAS, OpenCRAVAT, and Bioconductor video
17:00 Package demo Aaron R Wolen, et al., Infinitely Scalable Data Analysis in R with TileDB video
18:00 Package demo Pratheepa Jeganathan, et al., Statistical methods for microbiome data analysis video
18:00 Package demo Nitesh Turaga, Fast-package installation with Bioconductor package binaries video
19:00 Package demo Sean K Maden, et al., Accessing, querying, and analyzing public DNAm array data compilations with recountmethylation video
19:00 Package demo David Allen Henderson, et al., Bioconductor Infrastructure Packages for NanoString Assay Data video
19:00 Package demo Edward Zhao, et al., BayesSpace enables the robust characterization of spatial gene expression architecture in tissue sections at increased resolution video

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Time Session Title                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   YouTube
6:00 Package demo Denes Turei, et al., OmnipathR: one package to access more than 100 signaling databases
6:00 Package demo Johannes Rainer, et al., Seamless Integration of Mass Spectrometry Data from Different Sources with the Spectra Package video
6:00 Package demo Eleni Adam, et al., hummingbird: A package for detecting differential methylation video
7:00 Long workshop Sehyun Oh, et al., Introduction to the Terra/AnVIL Cloud-based Genomics Platform video
7:00 Long workshop Jenny Drnevich, et al., Building Carpentries-based Bioconductor Lessons video
7:00 Long workshop Marcel Ramos, et al., Multi-omic Integration of cBioPortal and TCGA data with MultiAssayExperiment video
8:45 Meet the TAB Meet the TAB video
9:30 Keynote Matthew Stephens, An invitation to a multiple testing party! video
10:30 Short talks Transcriptomics track video
10:30 Short talks Apps and frameworks track video
11:30 Break Networking
12:30 Awards Bioconductor award ceremony video
13:00 Keynote Gabriela de Queiroz, Building a Diverse Community: The R-Ladies Story video
14:00 Birds-of-a-feather Nathan C. Sheffield, AnnotationHub 2.0: A new Bioconductor ecosystem for region data
14:00 Career panel video
15:00 Poster session Moderna Poster session
16:00 Break Networking
17:00 Short talks Epigenomics/Gene regulation track video
17:00 Short talks Education and frameworks track video
18:00 Long workshop Peter Hickey, Effectively using the DelayedArray framework to support the analysis of large datasets video
18:00 Long workshop James MacDonald, Introduction to Bioconductor annotation resources video
18:00 Long workshop Hector Roux de Bezieux, et al., Trajectory inference across conditions: differential expression and differential progression video

Friday, August 6, 2021

Time Session Title                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   YouTube
6:00 Poster session Nanostring Poster session
7:00 Short talks Single-cell genomics track video
7:00 Short talks Proteomics/metabolomics track video
7:00 Short talks Integrative analysis track video
8:00 Package demo Nils Eling, Visualisation of highly-multiplexed imaging data in R video
8:00 Package demo Pacome Prompsy, Interactive analysis of single-cell epigenomic landscapes with ChromSCape video
8:00 Package demo Federico Agostinis, et al., NewWave, new R package for dimensional reduction and batch effect removal for single cell RNA-seq data video
8:45 Meet the core team video
9:30 Keynote Amanda Haddock, Redefining the Patient’s Role in the Genomics Era video
10:30 Short talks Infrastructure/programming track video
10:30 Short talks Microbiome/metagenomics track video
11:30 Break Networking
13:00 Keynote Melissa Wilson, Sex-biased genomics and methodology video
14:00 Meet the CAB video
15:00 Lightning talks video
16:00 Break Networking
17:00 Package demo Lukas M Weber, et al., Orchestrating Spatially Resolved Transcriptomics Analysis with Bioconductor (OSTA) video
17:00 Package demo Nitesh Turaga, K8sredis: On-demand parallel computing Kubernetes application for Bioconductor users video
18:00 Long workshop Daniela Cassol, et al., systemPipe: Workflow and Visualization Toolkit video
18:00 Long workshop Stefano Mangiola, et al., Interfacing Bioconductor with tidyverse with tidySingleCellExperiment and tidySummarisedExperiment video
19:45 Closing remarks Networking video

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