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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Time           Session                           Title                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
5:00 Introduction Intro to workshops, Icebreaker, Social/informal welcome
6:00 Package demo Octavio Morante-Palacios, et al., shinyEPICo: a graphical pipeline to analyze Illumina DNA methylation arrays
6:00 Package demo Federico Marini, et al., GeneTonic: enjoying the interpretation of your RNA-seq data analysis
7:00 Long workshop Aedin Culhane, Dimension Reduction for Beginners
7:00 Long workshop Christophe Vanderaa, et al., Reproducing a single-cell proteomics data analysis using QFeatures and scp
7:00 Long workshop Chloe Anya Mirzayi, et al., Epidemiology for Bioinformaticians
9:00 Official welcome Opening remarks
9:30 Keynote Daniela Witten, Selective inference on trees
10:30 Short talks Methodology and statistics” track
10:30 Short talks Epigenomics/Gene regulation” track
11:30 Break Networking
13:00 Keynote Lucia Peixoto, Reproducible Neuroscience from “omics” data analysis: a tale of sleep and learning
14:00 Package demo Dario Righelli, et al., SpatialExperiment: infrastructure for spatially resolved transcriptomics data in R using Bioconductor
14:00 Package demo Aaron Chevalier, et al., Enhanced Deconvolution and Prediction of Mutational Signatures
14:00 Package demo Kai Hu, Integrated ATAC-seq Analysis with ATACseqQC / Integrated ChIP-seq Analysis with ChIPpeakAnno
15:00 Short talks Transcriptomics” track
15:00 Short talks Single-cell genomics” track
16:00 Break Networking
17:00 Package demo Mahmoud Ahmed, et al., Chromatin segmentation analysis in R
17:00 Package demo Vincent James Carey, Integrative genetic epidemiology with OpenGWAS, OpenCRAVAT, and Bioconductor
17:00 Package demo Aaron R Wolen, et al., Infinitely Scalable Data Analysis in R with TileDB
18:00 Package demo Pratheepa Jeganathan, et al., Statistical methods for microbiome data analysis
18:00 Package demo Nitesh Turaga, Fast-package installation with Bioconductor package binaries
19:00 Package demo Sean K Maden, et al., Accessing, querying, and analyzing public DNAm array data compilations with recountmethylation
19:00 Package demo David Allen Henderson, et al., Bioconductor Infrastructure Packages for NanoString Assay Data
19:00 Package demo Edward Zhao, et al., BayesSpace enables the robust characterization of spatial gene expression architecture in tissue sections at increased resolution

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Time           Session                                   Title                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
6:00 Package demo Denes Turei, et al., OmnipathR: one package to access more than 100 signaling databases
6:00 Package demo Johannes Rainer, et al., Seamless Integration of Mass Spectrometry Data from Different Sources with the Spectra Package
6:00 Package demo Eleni Adam, et al., hummingbird: A package for detecting differential methylation
7:00 Long workshop Sehyun Oh, et al., Introduction to the Terra/AnVIL Cloud-based Genomics Platform
7:00 Long workshop Jenny Drnevich, et al., Building Carpentries-based Bioconductor Lessons
7:00 Long workshop Marcel Ramos, et al., Multi-omic Integration of cBioPortal and TCGA data with MultiAssayExperiment
8:45 Meet the TAB Meet the TAB
9:30 Keynote Matthew Stephens, An invitation to a multiple testing party!
10:30 Short talks Transcriptomics” track
10:30 Short talks Apps and frameworks” track
11:30 Break Networking
12:30 Awards Bioconductor award ceremony
13:00 Keynote Gabriela de Queiroz
14:00 Birds-of-a-feather Nathan C. Sheffield, AnnotationHub 2.0: A new Bioconductor ecosystem for region data
14:00 Career panel
15:00 Poster session Moderna Poster session
16:00 Break Networking
17:00 Short talks Epigenomics/Gene regulation” track
17:00 Short talks Education and frameworks” track
18:00 Long workshop Peter Hickey, Effectively using the DelayedArray framework to support the analysis of large datasets
18:00 Long workshop James MacDonald, Introduction to Bioconductor annotation resources
18:00 Long workshop Hector Roux de Bezieux, et al., Trajectory inference across conditions: differential expression and differential progression

Friday, August 6, 2021

Time           Session                           Title                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
6:00 Poster session Moderna Poster session
7:00 Short talks Single-cell genomics” track
7:00 Short talks Proteomics/metabolomics” track
7:00 Short talks Integrative analysis” track
8:00 Package demo Nils Eling, Visualisation of highly-multiplexed imaging data in R
8:00 Package demo Pacome Prompsy, Interactive analysis of single-cell epigenomic landscapes with ChromSCape
8:00 Package demo Federico Agostinis, et al., NewWave, new R package for dimensional reduction and batch effect removal for single cell RNA-seq data
8:45 Meet the core team
9:30 Keynote Amanda Haddock
10:30 Short talks Infrastructure/programming” track
10:30 Short talks Microbiome/metagenomics” track
11:30 Break Networking
13:00 Keynote Melissa Wilson, Sex-biased genomics and methodology
14:00 Meet the CAB
15:00 Lightning talks
16:00 Break Networking
17:00 Package demo Lukas M Weber, et al., Orchestrating Spatially Resolved Transcriptomics Analysis with Bioconductor (OSTA)
17:00 Package demo Nitesh Turaga, K8sredis: On-demand parallel computing Kubernetes application for Bioconductor users
18:00 Long workshop Daniela Cassol, et al., systemPipe: Workflow and Visualization Toolkit
18:00 Long workshop Stefano Mangiola, et al., Interfacing Bioconductor with tidyverse with tidySingleCellExperiment and tidySummarisedExperiment
19:45 Closing remarks Networking