Senior Scientist / Scientist, Human Genetics

June 17, 2021


We are seeking an exceptional computational biologist/statistical geneticist to join our organization. The successful candidate will contribute to the design of robust genetic association and gene interaction studies, develop workflows/pipelines for association analyses and other statistical genetics techniques, perform analyses on large-scale genetic datasets, integrate results from functional genomics screens with human genetics and contribute to interpretation of results with the goal of identifying new therapeutic targets. Successful candidates will contribute directly to the development of novel disease modifying therapeutics.

  • You will work in close collaboration with data science and functional genomics to integrate results from functional genomics studies with human genetics data for new target identification/prioritization
  • You will perform and interpret human genetic analyses using public and internal data to identify new targets and therapeutic hypotheses
  • You will contribute to writing patents, reports and scientific publications


  • Ph.D., M.D. or M.D.-Ph.D. with significant relevant experience in bioinformatics/computational biology and the biologic interpretation of human genetic data

Skills/Abilities/Competencies required:

  • Well versed in the management and analysis of large datasets, including those derived from SNP arrays and next-generation sequencing platforms
  • Experience in the analysis of large-scale genomic association studies in complex genetic diseases including correcting for population stratification and imputation of genotypes.
  • A strong computational/statistical background (perl, python, R or others) is highly desirable
  • Experience with Mendelian Randomization (or other causality inference approaches) or analysis of CRISPR screens is a plus
  • Communication skills to clearly present data and your interpretation of the results"


Contact Matt Brauer ( with questions.

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